When and why conduct a new assessment of your organisation’s innovative culture?

Cultura innovadora
Culture is usually blamed for the lack of innovation in any enterprise. But, is your enterprise ready for innovation? Do you know your enterprise strengths and weaknesses – people, processes, metrics, values, behaviors and climate? InnoQuotient assessment exposes your bright spots and road blocks. It will help executives to understand your enterprise’s cultural reality. Based on this, your leaders can prioritize, set goals, develop action plans and execute projects to transform your people and your enterprise toward a more innovative culture. In this article, we explain when a firm needs to carry out a new assessment for your enterprise Innovative Culture.

When to re-diagnose the innovative culture of your organization?

From our experience, we advise repeating the assessment in the following situations:
  • After having carried out different milestones in this transformation process, so that we can observe the changes in the perception of employees, especially the assessments of those departments or hierarchical areas in which they are working; and to be able to adjust based on the results the action plans to increase their impact.
  • In a merger or takeover process, to fine-tune action plans and assess the impact of these changes on the company's culture. In this case, we advise taking a measurement of the two companies prior to the merger, and the second measurement after a prudent period of time following the merger.
  • During a crisis, whether global (as was the case with COVID) or particular to a sector or even a crisis specific to the organization. In this case, the analysis will allow us to see how the crisis affects the perception of culture and which areas we need to strengthen. We will also understand how we are coping with the crisis, which gives us tools to navigate it.
Apart from these scenarios, in many cases, our clients carry out an annual assessment to understand the situation of the company and to reinforce the commitment to culture and innovation with employees.

What results will I see when I make a new edition of my InnoQuotient assessment?

In our InnoQuotient platform, we have a specific section where you can compare the different diagnostics carried out over time, element by element. You can consult the environment by accessing our demo area at the following link After selecting the CLIENT AREA DEMO you will access our simulation in which you will find 3 assessments. For example, if you choose the one for March 2020, you will be able to see the detailed results of the analysis. In the menu on the left you will find the following sections:
  • Our IQ Assessment ? Focuses on the results of the current edition.
  • Our Evolution ? In this section you can analyse the details of the comparison with any of the previous editions.
  • Our Global Rank ? This is where you can compare your results with the rest of the assessment collected in the InnoQuotient platform.

Do you need more information on how to measure your organisation's innovation culture?

At InnoQuotient we will be happy to answer all your questions, request information through our website and our team will respond as soon as possible.