Frecuently asked questions

If you have been invited to participate in the InnoQuotient Survey…

  • How do you ensure my anonymity as participant?
    We provide one unique username /password to all participants and we do not record any IP address. It means that none can find out what has someone in particular answered, neither from which device nor particular location has responded.  
  • Should I have a particular knowledge to complete the InnoQuotient Survey?
    • No deep or global knowledge of the organization or of innovation concepts are required to answer the survey. 
    • Each participant answers from his own perception and knowledge and in connection to the environment he is familiar with.
    • The culture of your organization is made up by perceptions of all your collaborators, whatever their level of knowledge of the organization.
  • Can I start the survey and complete it at any other time?
    No, the application processes only surveys completed and submitted. If you do not complete the survey, your participation will not be saved.  On the other hand, the limit time to answer the survey is 6 hours, within that range of time it will be available on your device to resume it when you want as long as you don’t logout. 
  • What happens if I don’t complete the survey?
    The application processes only surveys completed and submitted. If you do not complete the survey, your participation will not be saved.  On the other hand, the limit time to answer the survey is 6 hours, within that range of time it will be available on your device to resume it when you want as long as you don’t logout.
  • How do I know that my answers have been submitted?
    The platform releases a pop-up window when the answers have been submitted.
  • Where can I ask for help?
    Contact the help service through the email at the lower section of the screen. 

If you are evaluating to assess the Culture of your enterprise…

  • Who is the target user of the InnoQuotient Assessment of the Culture of Innovation?
    • The InnoQuotient assessment is targeted for an organization —or a segment within the organization— that is willing to improve and transform, and also brave enough to analyze itself and know how its attitude and capacities actually face the improvement, change and transformation. 
    • To know such reality, the only way for organizations is to ask those who know more about it, its collaborators.
  • How many InnoQuotient Assessments need my organizational structure?
    • One IQ assessment is for one organization —or a segment within it— that might be split into a maximum of 15 departments and 15 categories.
    • In the event of a complex structure, our recommendation is to run as many assessments as the structure requires, in such a way that the outcomes are easy to manage and allow you to process the analysis of results adequately. 
    • For complex organizations, besides of the outcome for each IQ Assessment made, we provide the consolidation of all your assessments. 
  • What is the process of the InnoQuotient Assessment?
    The InnoQuotient Assessment process is made up by three stages:
      1. Setting up the assessment project.
      2. The participation time.
      3. Consultation and analysis of results by the organization
  • What does the setting up of the IQ Assessment mean?
    • Selecting the target population. InnoQuotient recommends inviting 100% of collaborators, either from the organization or from de segment selected.
    • Define the configuration of the organization’s departments/divisions.
    • Define the configuration of hierarchical levels. 
    • Set the Assessment timeline: opening and closing dates of participation.  
    • Define the communication campaign to launch the survey.
  • What is the participation time?
    • It is the opening time during which the participants can access the survey.  Recommended time by InnoQuotient is two weeks. 
    • The access to the survey is anonymous, all participants have the same user and password. 
    • It only requires 10 minutes to complete it.
    • The participant answers some questions about his job profile, 54 assessment questions + 2 open-ended questions.
  • What the «consultation and analysis of results by the organization» means?
    • Once the participation has been completed, the project administrator access to the survey results is activated.
    • By going to the IQ clients’ area, the organization can delve into its results from multiple perspectives, pursuant to the needs for analysis to reach conclusions that allow the definition of very efficient action plans. 
    • When the organization runs more than one IQ Assessment, it can consult its IQ Evolution: compare the result versus previous editions. Thus, it can analyze its transformation on the grounds of the actions put into operation.  
  • Why we don’t identify the participant when accessing the IQ platform? It leads to the inconvenience of not being able to continue the survey if it is half done, and that we cannot ensure that one participant answers the survey more than once…
    • It is fundamental for InnoQuotient that the participant is and feels anonymous. Only in this way we will obtain their honest assessment. 
    • As organization, you require them to express what they feel not what you want to hear. 
    • Based on the Assessment results, your organization will analyze and create action plans that will condition the work of your teams in coming months. It is vital that you get the real picture of the culture of your organization.   
    • Any inconvenience arisen from the fact of not controlling the access is smaller in the face of the benefit of anonymity.
  • I see that the InnoQuotient Assessment measures the culture of the organization in the face of innovation. I understand that it is innovation in an open sense; therefore, ¿does it also measure the culture in the face of capacity of change, transformation, etc.?
    Indeed, the InnoQuotient tool takes the pulse of the current status of your organization in regard to the people’s perception; i.e., the culture, pros and cons to start any change, transformation and innovation.  
  • Who should respond this survey? All collaborators, leaders, HHRR…?
    Given that it is an assessment about culture, you should invite all hierarchical levels of the organization. The more participation you get, the more fine-tuned the conclusions you will obtain on the basis of the results. At the beginning of the Assessment, we define with the client the population to participate to reach 95% confidence and +/- 5% margin of error.
  • Is it an online assessment?
    Yes, InnoQuotient is an online tool; both for participants when they answer the survey and for the organization when it has access to the results. (Client area).
  • Could you please share with me the model of the final report to see how helpful it is?
    • We do not issue a final report. The results of your IQ Assessment are multiple. You can access them online from the InnoQuotient Client Area. They are interactive and you can download them as you require.
    • You can see the model of results at the demo

Important announcement

Dear customers:

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