We assess the innovation culture of the enterprise.
InnoQuotient Model

What does the InnoQuotient Model assess?

6 blocks / 18 factors / 54 elements

The Innovation Culture Model was developed by Professors Jay Rao and Joseph Weintraub of Babson College, Boston (USA). It assesses both rational (business) and emotional (softer) sides of the enterprise through 6 blocks, 18 factors and 54 elements.

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Innovation Culture, who cares?

Your products, processes, technologies & business models may not be unique OR sustainable. But, an enterprise culture is always unique and its innovation culture is the best competitive sustainable advantage.

Enterprises can get there intentionally, opportunistically or accidentally. The more intentional you are, the more opportunities open up and the luckier you get.

So, be intentional about innovation culture. Do the assessment, identify bright and dark spots, assemble resources, scale processes and be rewarded by customers for being innovative!

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