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InnoQuotient (IQ) is an online tool that diagnoses in a quick, precise and organized way the Innovation Culture Index of organizations. The IQ Assessment offers a clear picture of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses through 54 questions based on the 6 blocks, 18 factors and 54 elements identified by Professor Jay Rao.


The IQ Assessment adapts to your organization and participation is totally confidential. After participation, the organization will receive the Assessment’s results and the necessary outputs to implement strategic action plans towards improving its Innovation Culture.

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Marcelo Bechara

The InnoQuotient survey meant for us listening to the voice of all of our organization, getting to know and being aware of our starting point in order to begin improving. The organization is made by all of us.

__ / Evoltis

Mark Thompson

InnoQuotient stays “alive” in our company even long after having passed the assessment. We frequently take results and conclusions as reference when working out the opportunities that came through.

__ / WCBradleyCO

Vanessa Mayneris

It offers more granularity in the results of the analysis for a better action plan; it improves innovation practices and prioritizes key actions

__ / Former Innovation Catalyst Abbvie

Enrique Marco

It is a simple diagnosis tool, with a powerful and proven methodology based on the experience of Jay Rao, which proved its value in organizations of different size, level of maturity and sectors. For the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC), InnoQuotient is the tool selected to measure the recommended culture of innovation and the base of our Innovation Culture Index, ICI Spain

Director de División - Desarrollo de la Estrategia / Asociación Española para la Calidad AEC

Manuel Jiménez

InnoQuotient helped us to x-ray the organization, showing us where to improve. Establishing a framework to develop our internal culture of innovation  was a must. Up to date we have already started more than 10 innovation projects and we have as many others underway to implement in the next year.

CEO / Rittal Disprel S.A.

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Jay Rao

Founder & Questionnaire Author

Fran Chuan

Founder & Chairman

Gema González

Meritxell Tenas


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