Discover the accelerators and restraints of your enterprise.

The Keys

In-depth analysis to get “quick wins”

Analyze and amplify your outputs both globally and by different divisions, functions, levels & geographies of your enterprise.

Rational and emotional areas, provide a holistic picture

Getting a holistic picture of the rational and emotional building blocks of the enterprise is the best guarantee for a more sustainable innovation culture.

Where is our innovation talent?

Find your internal “bright spots”, and those that need help.

54 action elements to guide your journey

The 54 elements of the InnoQuotient model provide you the action-items to guide your enterprise journey of innovation culture.

Internal alignment, your efficiency

Every enterprise has strengths and weaknesses. The first step toward transformation is aligning the team’s insights about them.  

The value of open-ended questions, your talent will guide you

Free and anonymous answers to the two open-ended questions contain a world of information, solutions and a treasure of insights. 

Validity, replicability, mutually exclusive & collectively exhaustive

The assessment blocks, factors & elements are academically robust. 

Visualize your transformation journey over time, measure against yourself

Find out how and in which way your enterprise has evolved since your previous assessment. 

Benchmark against the world, and don’t forget you are unique

Know where you are ranked versus other segments in the InnoQuotient world.

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