InnoQuotient Community

Transforming Cultures

Organizations have a "soul", which determines results, talent attraction, the ability to take advantage of trends, and even to generate them.

At InnoQuotient our purpose is to discover the "soul" of organizations to help them on their way to the Culture of Innovation. This is the "leitmotive" that encourages us to build our InnoQuotient Community

One of the main pillars to develop the InnoQuotient Community van a ser las publicaciones de este blog. On the one hand, we want to provide knowledge about the Culture of Transformation and Innovation based on the IQ Assessment y el the model on which it is based. On the other hand, we want to share the strategic ideas, experiences and wisdom of our clients, partners and recognized experts.

What accelerates or hinders innovation?

We highlight all those accelerators or bottlenecks that usually exist in organizations when they decide to make innovation part of their culture.

We discover the bright spots that accelerate the transformational process, and he dark spots where any change gets stuck to address them step by step, because the cultural revolution is given by evolution. Once the first results have been obtained in a very effective way thanks to the information provided by InnoQuotient, the transformation takes place at an increasingly accelerated pace, bringing positive value to society.

As a result, organizations become more agile, transparent and adaptive to the uncertainty and ambiguity involved in exploring the future, thus providing the humanism and value that society needs.

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