In the name of Culture. How COVID 19 has changed our definition of Success

Jay Rao, one of the most renowned international experts in Strategy and Innovation Culture, Professor in Babson College (Boston), talks here about how COVID19 encourages Innovation and the importance of having, in times of crisis, an Organization Culture focused on innovation. He discusses that the concept of Culture in many organizations is still something that freezes any initiative. This has been the baseline of his academic investigations: trying to decipher and grasp the concept of ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE and bringing it to the concrete and measurable dimension. And if it is measurable, it can be assessed, as when we make our regular blood tests. Professors Rao & Weintraub defined the InnoQuotient Model (endorsed by MIT in 2013) to measure organizational culture through the six building blocks of InnoQuotient: resources, processes, success / values, behaviors, climate. From said six building blocks, Rao shares his thoughts about how the way organizations define success conditions their culture. He claims that COVID19 has changed our definition of success. How does it affect our Organizations?