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The Culture of Innovation


Assessment of Culture of Innovation of the organization

Running the IQ Survey allows organizations to “take their pulse”, to get to know its organizational “environment” and its “level of maturity” with respect to innovation. Only this way the implementation and the consolidation of a solid and sustainable Culture of Innovation inside the organization is possible.

The resulting quantitative data show the organization’s state of the art and which aspects need to be addressed in order to obtain short, medium and long term results.


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The InnoQuotient IQ Survey is based on the model of Culture of Innnovation developed by Professors Jay Rao and Joseph Weintraub, from the renowned Babson College in Boston (Business School for Entrepreneurship Education) and supported by MIT SLOAN. 

Why is it necessary to analyze the organization?

Facing the challenge of innovating implies objectively analyzing the organization’s state of the art or starting point.

After the opportunities and improvement areas are detected, organizations can design their organizational strategy to plan and boost the necessary actions to obtain their objectives.

Getting to know the organization and its people is the base to create a Culture of Innovation that works as a shuttle towards continuous improvement and corporate excellence.


What do you obtain?


IQ–ICI Report

IQ-ICI Report or Culture of Innovation Index presents the statistical analysis of the results. In a scale from 1 to 5, the resulting averages show the participant’s evaluation about the organization’s Innovation Culture.

IQ–AP Report

Data obtained in the IQ-ICI is analyzed in detail in a report that recommend measures to strengthen the most sensible areas of the organization and to consolidate its culture of innovation amplify its Culture of Innovation to obtain sustainable long term results.

And for those organizations taking their first steps towards innovation, the IQ-AP Report allows determine the actions to be executed to start the change towards transformation and implementation of a Culture of Innovation.

IQ–EB Report

The resulting ICI -Culture of Innovation Index- allows benchmarking our organization at sectorial, country and world level – global ICI.



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The resulting ICI (Culture of Innovation Index) is completely reliable and extremely useful.
Confidentiality of participants fully respected.
Available in any language and browser.
Supported by the Babson College in Boston and the MIT Sloan.

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