The Model

InnoQuotient - The Model Introduction Any organization willing to evolve, remain and be sustainable over time should be able to...

InnoQuotient – The Model


Any organization willing to evolve, remain and be sustainable over time should be able to transform its nature towards the Culture of Innovation, thus making that the need to assess and transform itself becomes embedded in its DNA.


In the transformation journey, the first and more importantly is the desire to be innovative, accepting that we require stiffness and determination to overcome the natural resistance of the culture in face of any change.


By encouraging the innovative potential of people, we enhance their capacity to drill down from the ambiguous to the specific (Orange arrow). This triggers commitment and productivity and as a result, the business results increase (Blue arrow).

InnoQuotient Assessment

Years of study, investigation and experience have led us to conclude that to achieve such Innovative Culture we must start knowing ourselves, where “we are” as an organization. To know such “momentum” we have developed the InnoQuotient Assessment.


This is a unique online business tool to assess the employees’ perception on the culture of innovation in your organization.  Those departments or areas where the employees hold a similar idea on values and mission of the company, and thus, work together in the same direction, become a strong point. Otherwise, when there is a remarkable dispersion, we find opportunities for improvement.


Therefore, we can say that the InnoQuotient Assessment provides an accurate radiography of the pulse of your company in every area or business units in face of innovation. In other words, it shows the strengths and weaknesses, becoming the starting point to generate the transformation you have been seeking for.



Once you have assessed your organization, the next step is to analyze the results obtained to get the conclusions that allow your designing the action plan strategy.


Executing the actions is the decisive step but not the last one; as we have been saying here, the Culture of Innovation requires being in constant transformation and evolution.


The IQ Assessment without action plan is useless; the action plan without discipline to execute it too.


The InnoQuotient Assessment is based on the Culture of Innovation Model designed by Jay Rao and Joseph Weintraub, with the endorsement of the MIT Sloan Management Review.


We assess the organization based on the Six Blocks of the Culture of Innovation; three are rational:  Resources, Processes and Success, and three are emotional:  Values, Behaviors and Climate. Each Blocks is divided in 3 Factors and each factor is subdivided in 3 Elements. Then, we measure Elements through the 54-question InnoQuotient Questionnaire.


The final outcome is the Innovation Culture Index.


Our large database allows the preparation of Innovation Culture Indexes by sectors, size of companies or countries

Statistical validation


The statistical validation purpose of the InnoQuotient Assessment outcome is to reach 95% confidence and 5% error margin.