The Model

InnoQuotient – The Model


To be an innovative organization, you don´t need to focus on innovation, but rather on transforming your organization into one with an innovation culture. Innovation shouldn’t be the end, but the means – this is the only way to promote sustainable growth.

The innovation culture begins with a desire to be innovative and the realization that purpose and perseverance will be required to overcome the natural resistance of any culture to any change. The organization starts with an assessment, goes through training and, with practice, turns innovation into a discipline that makes sustainable results possible.


The Innovation Culture InnoQuotient Assessment measures the development level of innovation culture in organizations. It diagnoses
an organization’s strengths and weaknesses and provides senior management with a roadmap with concrete actions for building and
enhancing an innovation culture.
To that end, we use the survey and the innovation culture model developed by Jay Rao and Joseph Weintraub, professors at Babson
College in Boston (USA).
We evaluate the six building blocks of the innovation culture, which are subdivided, each in turn, into three factors. Each factor is further
subdivided into three elements, each associated with a relevant question to be measured, so that the survey contains 54 questions that
result in a thorough diagnosis of the organization’s innovation culture.