Assessment InnoQuotient

InnoQuotient Assessment


InnoQuotient Innovation Culture Assessment measures the maturity of the development of the Innovation Culture in organizations.
Diagnoses the strengths and shortcomings of the organization and provides guidance to executives to take concrete actions for the
construction and improvement of the Innovation Culture.
For this we use the InnoQuotient Questionnaire, an on-line tool developed in our platform, to which we invite the employees of the
organization to participate in. We generate InnoQuotient Outputs with the results obtained by the organization and its comparison with
other organizations.

IQ Survey IQ Outputs
Previous Preparation Participation ICI Report Innovation Culture Index Report
  • Optimal sample size
  • Configuration by departments
  • Configuration by categories
  • Metadata selection
  • Participation calendar
  • Call kit
  • Online
  • Anonymous and confidential
  • Quick to answer: 20′
  • Multilingual
  • Diversity of browsers
A&B Report Analisis & Benchmark Report
EVO Report Evolution Report between two IQ Assessment
Online Consultancy

IQ Outputs

ICI Report
Innovation Culture Index Report
Presentation of the quantitative results of the evaluation, including comparisons between the organitzation’s departmental divisions and heriarchical levels.
A&B Report
Analisis & Benchmark Report
Report that compares and evaluates the organization’s results with respects to the other organizations in the InnoQuotients datebase. Global comparision segmented by industry and organization size.
EVO Report
Evolution Report betweem two IQ Assessment
Detailed comparative analysis of ICI results at two different times. Excellent tool for evaluation the implementation of improvement efforts.
Requires that the organization previously complete an IQ Assessment.
Online Consultancy
Online consultancy with with the management team to analyse:

  • The results obtained.
  • Efforts made to date.
  • Recommended actions by strategy and results.